Saturday, July 15, 2017


Russell came over and he, Phil & Brent worked on Ragnarok today.  They moved all of the existing rock back out of the way.  I'd warned them about snakes.  Sometimes I would start a fire and I'd see garter snakes crawling out of the rocks.  They didn't find any of them but did find four red-bellied snakes.  The rocks made a perfect home for them.  Then they leveled the area and laid down a layer of gravel and sand.  They piled rocks back up near the fire ring.  Had rock left over so they moved those out where I plan a "water feature" in the future.  Three benches are back in place - the fourth is going out along one of the trails.  Everyone was too tuckered to try it out tonight.  If it's not too windy tomorrow, we'll have wienies and smore's!

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Anonymous said...

Oh My!! Ragnarok looks wonderful. The guys make a great team!