Sunday, July 16, 2017

Giant St. John'swort

I must have been tired today.  I fell asleep multiple times during the sermon this morning.  I can tell you that the text from the second chapter of Ephesians and that it was an admonition that we all can be messengers of Christ but that's about it.  This last week was daily vacation Bible School so the service began w/ songs the kids sung (OK, "Let's give it up for Jesus" seemed a little sacrilegious but then I'm sure many of the songs I sang at DVBS gave the same impression.)  You'd think that would have kept me awake but after the service my friend Nancy was wondering what the medical emergency up front had been.   I don't remember any of that.  Once home, Phil and Brent were already busy on the clothes line project.  I laid down - just for a moment - and didn't wake up until 4 when Phil said my neighbor Doug was over and did I want to say hello?  Was happy to show him the kittens he had given me a couple of months ago.  Tonight we had wieners, corn on the cob, baked (well, almost) potatoes, and smore's around Ragnarok.   Go figure - I'm tired.

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