Friday, July 07, 2017


I know why there are so many video's of cats on the Internet.  They look darn cute (just before they attack.)

A commercial on TV reminded me to call the Digger's Helpline.  The person on the other end was very professional and thankfully only asked me directions in north-east-south-west terms and not in right-left.  However, whatever system he was using didn't recognize my house number as existing so he said he put a big box in the middle of the field of where he thought I wanted to dig.  Hopefully I'll be here when the worker arrives and show him the small area where I'd like to put in a clothes line.  Yesterday I had the same issue.  I picked out a new car (afraid the other one bit the dust) and the aide kept coming back to the salesperson stating that my address didn't exist.  "It's the same address as on her driver's license," the salesperson snapped, "the DMV thinks it exists."  Maybe I should carry around a printout of Google maps so I can point to the house.

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Rachel said...

Were you stranded when it bit the dust?