Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Yellow Pond Lily

Reported for library duty tonight.  The librarian said she had just received a donation of almost thirty high school yearbooks.  She had started to process them when she saw that at least one had pages cut out.  If I had time would I go through all of the yearbooks and make notes of any problems?  It turned out to be a quiet evening so I made it through all of the yearbooks - from the 90's to this year.  About half were OK and the other half had ads in the back cut out.  No idea why someone would cut out an ad - they just give the business name and logo.  I started w/ the earliest yearbook and went forward.  Interesting to see the content and format changes.  For example, I was one of the students voted "Most Studious" when I graduated.  That category didn't exist anymore replaced by "Prettiest Eyes", "Junkiest Car", "First to get Married", etc.    A section called "World Beat" was added in the back of each yearbook and clearly purchased from an outside vendor.  It was professionally crafted, colorful pages depicting the music of that year, TV shows, Movies, Trends, Science, Front Page News items.  Not a bad idea - a reminder of what was happening at that time.  The yearbooks gradually changed from all black & white to all color.  The sports section included girls running cross-country, playing volleyball, swimming, basketball, softball, and track teams.  When I was in high school we could join the Girls Athletic Association we couldn't participate in any school sports.   I have my father's 1937 high school yearbook from the same school.  I was called the "Bruceter" then.  The year books I was checking were called the same name initially but around the millennium the yearbooks stopped having any name on them at all.  2005 or so the yearbooks had "Raiders"emblazoned on the front.  However the most recent yearbook was back to calling itself the "Bruceter" again. I'm sure that will cause an issue in how to label all of them for library reference.   Fortunately that is the librarian's problem and not mine.

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