Thursday, June 08, 2017

Sandhill Crane

Blitzen and Dunder, the kittens, have decided  to sleep w/ me at night.  It saves me waking up in the night and going to check on them so I'm certainly OK w/ it.  Indy sleeps at the foot of my bed so she's OK w/ it also as long as they stay out of her way.  Blitzen is going through a licking phase.  It's one thing to have a kitten purring away in your ear.  Quite another to have one licking your flesh w/ their rough tongue as you try to sleep.  Dundar is only in bed because Blizen is there.  If I turn over and come too close to him he hisses (which gets Indy excited to see what's going on.)   I'm sure it will eventually all settle down but, as I've commented before, next time I'm getting a bigger bed.

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