Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Black Snakeroot and Spittlebugs

I wore my alma mater t-shirt in North Carolina.  A man struck up a conversation stating he had grown up in the Northwoods also.  He and his wife retired some years before to NC and they enjoyed living there.  "However, you know how it always cooled as soon as the sunset in the Northwoods?  It's hot even into the night here." He said somewhat wistfully. A hot day today (well, in the 80's) so Indy and I didn't start our walk until an hour before sunset.  By then it had wonderfully cooled down and the sun's rays aren't as harsh.  Some farmers are making first cut of hay.  I scanned the horizon but didn't see turkey vultures or bald eagles.  Fawns and baby birds can be killed if the first cut is done early.  I'm hoping the fawns are old enough to be following their mothers and the birds that nest on the ground chose my meadow instead.

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