Friday, June 09, 2017

Phil and Blitzen

Aunt Bev had called me earlier this week and asked if I could see why her tablet computer wasn't working. We had talked about it before and it sounded to me like a procedural issue more than software or hardware problem.  She has her own hotspot, can get access the internet but not Facebook which is her primary communication spot.  Called her this afternoon and asked if I could come over and look at it.  I was on my way when my phone rang.  I can't really drive and dig in my purse for the phone so pulled over but by that time it had gone to voice mail.  It was Aunt Ruth saying I wouldn't be able to get there via County Road E.  That is the only way I know but I figured it might be a temporary closure and I would be able to get through once I got there.  If not, country roads are usually set up in a gridwork so I could backtrack to the next road over and go down that one.  They live on a river so I wouldn't cross the river since I didn't know where the next bridge might be.  Well it was a bit worse than I thought.  The intersection of  County Road E and P was being dug up w/ big machinery.  Both sides were closed off (couldn't even go around and come in on the other side.  The next road back was a dead end and the next road back from there went off in the wrong direction.  I called Bev back.  She said she would just drive in on Wednesday when I'm working at the library and I could help her then.  Got home and Phil (who bikes those rodes) told me an alternate route.  I'll know for the next time I can't get from here to there.


Brent said...

Great picture. Both napping? Will you have to teach them to catch critters? Suppose instincts will kick in.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture!