Saturday, June 10, 2017

Garden spider on Hawthorn

Phil said he had fun today.  He cultivated the garden, mowed the lawn, then mowed the trails, trimmed around the bushes and deck, and installed my new doorbell (I'll blog about that later).  Outside temps were in the high 80's w/ a fair amount of humidity.   I'm thinking that wasn't necessarily the part of the day he most enjoyed.   We also went downtown to check out some of the garage sales.  I showed him around the high-points of the library (well, that doesn't take too long), and we drove the local roads to see what was new in the township.  Gusty 35 m/p/h winds so the garage sales were in danger of blowing away and we'd get pelted by little bits of sand and gravel flying in the air.  OK but not necessarily a great time.  Think it was the kittens who, when they aren't sleeping, are bundles of fur in constant motion.  From the way he would laugh at their antics, I suspect that was the real "fun" part of the day for him.

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