Monday, June 19, 2017

New Front Door Bell

When the house was built I purposely did not put in a door bell.  I figured anyone who wanted to visit would contact me ahead of time.  That turned out not to exactly work as planned.  Last Christmas a friend gave me a bell that was used on the farm where she grew up (theme for gift was "Bells of St. Mary's" film).  It's a substantial and loud bell so I decided to repurpose it as my front door bell.   Phil screwed in an eye bolt in the eave over the niche of the doorway and we went looking for some sort of hanger.   I found some likely candidates in the form of leather belts from the 60's.  One was macramed and the other fringed.  Phil nixed them as not being the right look.  In the garage we found the leather reins I had bought some time ago to attach to a horse bit.  I had it on the wall when I lived in the Big City but I no longer had a place for it here.  Phil detached one rein, cut it to length and put in a hole for the rawhide tie.    I like it.

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Very nice!