Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A day on the road

 My friend Nancy wanted to visit the cemeteries back at her hometown so she picked me up on the way.  We drove 40 miles east and checked them out in the morning.  Nancy told me stories about the people buried in each place but she swore me to secrecy so I can't relate any of them to you.  (But don't we all have skeletons in our family closets?)  In the last cemetery she found her uncle "Twisty"s  tombstone had fallen off it's pedestal so she'll send out some e-mails to get that put back in place. We had lunch in a diner and then did some shopping.   From there drove another 30 miles northwest to a large nursery and picked up a few plants to supplement the potted plants we each have on our decks.  Then another 30 miles south west home.  Took up most of the day but had fun doing it.  Plus, as you can see, I have a planter project to try for next year!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! I wonder wear you can get planters that grow legs??