Sunday, June 18, 2017


The kittens are growing incredibly fast.  Last weekend Dunder wanted to but wouldn't attempt the jump from my leather recliner to the stuffed chair (a distance of a few feet).  Tonight I watched him jump from the sofa directly to the stuffed chair (4 or 5 feet) to the credenza (holding the TV) run across the top to jump to the pew drop to the floor and scamper back to the sofa.  Blitzen is also active but seems to sleep a bit more.  My problem is she has found a place to hunker down that I haven't discovered yet.  I can't find her for long periods of time.  They both like to jump in and out of the potted plants around the house (I hope the plants survive this kittenish phase), climb furniture (and sometimes my leg) using their claws and sit atop the computer keyboard when I'm blogging.   I wrote on my grocery list to pick up a squirt gun so I can start to discipline them from afar.  Am tempted to pick up a super-soaker!

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