Saturday, June 03, 2017

Kittens II

As a kid I asked my grandfather to teach me a swear word in German.  He taught me "dunder blitzen".  I looked it up some years later and think it's a form of of the words "thunder" and "lightening".  Sounds similar to Santa's reindeer - Donner and Blitzen.   I may not be saying it correctly but that's the way I remember him teaching it to me.  I was sitting in the vet's office w/ these two tiny (1.2 lbs a piece) kittens when, of course, the vet's assistant asked what their names were.  I was already thinking about how much work these two were going to be.  "Dunder Blitzen", I replied to the assistant's question.  So that's become their names: Dunder is the dun colored male and Blitzen is the one w/ a blaze of  tan on her face.


The Sandbar said...

Sweet picture of them sleeping. They should stop biting when they realize who feeds them every day!!


Anonymous said...

Blizten looks she is performing in the spotlight! Can't wait to meet them. I will have my Benadryl handy - just in case.


Anonymous said...

They're very cute! Hope you all become fast friends.