Sunday, June 04, 2017


I was tired and a bit off this morning.  Still I hadn't checked bird houses so Indy and I went out to do that.  After checking the houses near the gravel pit, I followed the gravel pit road until it came to the old cow lane that leads up to my house.  Don't know if it was the sun, the warm temps, or maybe just walking through tall grass but walking up that hill was slow going for both of us.  Indy fell in behind me so she could use the path I was making.  At the top, we paused for awhile.  I looked back down the hill and felt a pang of sympathy for Sisyphus.  Once home, Indy got her treat.  I sat down momentarily but noticed a tick climbing up my socks so got up again to do a tick check.  After drinking some water, decided I might as well mow the lawn too.  In fact the whole day was no sooner sitting down but getting up to do something else.   Tonight I no longer feel "a bit off" - something I did must have put me "back on".  I do feel tired but have a legit reason for it.

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