Thursday, June 01, 2017


 Orion died at Easter.  She'd lived to be 17 which is getting up there for a cat.  I put her out in the woods near Robin Hood and Sam.

It's spring time on the farm so my neighbors the  Dearhamers have lots of kittens being born. Doug called me over one day and we played w/ some that had just been weaned and were still wild.
He had one black/tan/white one that he didn't know where the mother was.  I picked it up and it promptly put two fangs into my thumb.  Of course I had to ask to take that one.  First it was on it's own.  Second because I needed to watch it for the next two weeks to make sure it didn't develop rabies. (ha)  I wanted two females.  The multi-colored one was obviously a female because of her coloring.  The rest that were already weaned were a tan color.  I'm sure it looked comical to see us trying to catch the kittens (we both had chopper mitts on by now), upend them (they most definitely didn't like that), and try to figure out their sex (kittens are notoriously hard to figure out).   I found one little one that I kinda thought might be a female and I took her and the little multi color one home.  They are eight weeks old now and had their second visit w/ the vet today.  Both are healthy and are more than half-way through the process of getting their shots.   Indy has met them and fortunately hasn't eaten them.  So far, so good.


Brent said...

Looks like they have found the cat door. Bet you are having fun watching them play. You had orrie a long time. Wonder what the personalities of the new cats will be? I never seemed to get on the good side of your cats except maybe robin?

Anonymous said...

Hope the litter training is going well. They are cute.

Brent said...

Evelyn was wondering if you have given them names yet.