Saturday, June 17, 2017

River Jewelwing damselfly

My niece told me this morning she enjoyed waking up and just listening to the morning chorus of the birds.  I thought about that while I was out on the deck later in the afternoon.  It's actually quite noisy here this time of year.  There are bobolinks, robins, and sparrows singing in the fields.  A "V" of Canadian geese fly so low over the house that I can hear the synchronized beat of their wings. Hummers rev up their "engines" and have aerial fights periodically over the feeders.  Bumblebees are buzzing past looking for their next fix of pollen.  Slight winds send ripples through the tall grass in the meadow.  Not a cacophony certainly nor even unpleasant.  A vast change however from the absolute stillness on cold winter days.

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