Thursday, May 11, 2017

Yellow Warbler

At the Coffee & Conversation group the ladies often talked about buying their clothes at the local Roman Catholic church's rummage sale - open Thursdays, Fridays, and part of Saturday.  So I took some clothes and other household items to the back door of the church today.  The place was organized but tight.  The two volunteers on duty today seemed happy to receive donations.  The lady taking my boxes is married to a guy with whom I graduated high school.  The other lady looked so like the library volunteer coordinator I wondered if it might actually be her.  (It wasn't but I'd swear they must be sisters).  Both women knew me by name.  Living in a rural area can be simultaneously comforting and kinda creepy.

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Anonymous said...

We found the same to be true in small town Indiana. Everyone knows everyone, are related to, went to school with, works with, goes to church with, etc.