Thursday, May 04, 2017

At the Thornapple Dam

 This month's subject for the photo contest is "rivers" so I decided to leave early for my dental appointment and stop by a few spots to take pics.  My appointment was just for a cleaning and the first thing the receptionist asked was if I would fill out a form about my health.  I informed her I had filled one out at my last appointment (less than 6 months before).  Ah, but this was a new form and please fill it out.  I started doing that and then just stopped.  Some questions had nothing to do w/ anything a dentist needed to know and I found it unsettling that the dentist office wanted to know my next-of-kin.  Once I was leaning back in the dental chair, the hygienist asked if I had been flossing? Yes.  Had I been using a water pic? No, not for the last couple of weeks because I was on vacation.  She admonished me that was no excuse and said she herself had taken hers to the hospital when she gave birth.  As she worked in my mouth all I could think of was why are all dental hygienists weird?

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Anonymous said...

Ahh! The dam that gave me a fear of bridges!

We just had dental appts. and were asked to fill out a new form, too. They said the last one we filled out was 30 years old. Wanted to say....nothing has changed, but dutifully filled out a new one. Won't have to worry about another one if it is good for another 3o years.