Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The ski hill making snow by moonlight

I tempted the Fates.  Decided to not visit Aunt June on her hair appointment days (Monday and Thursday).  When I was at the dairy in November a cow had got me in the head - wracking my glasses and giving me a black eye.  I fixed the glasses well enough to stay on my head waiting after the latest milking stint to get them realigned at the optometrist.  I planned out this week: Monday I got my glasses readjusted, Tuesday turned out be really cold (-15 here) so Wednesday I would visit Aunt June.   The Fates laughed at my plans.  This afternoon the dairy called asking if I could come in on Wednesday morning.  Means Aunt June won't get a visit until Friday and the cows get another shot at knocking off my newly aligned glasses.

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Anonymous said...

A hoof to the head ...and, a black eye!
Time to hobble those dairy cows!!