Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Rocks from the honeymoon

 I've watched enough British murder mysteries this week that I can now tell who-done-it right at the beginning of the show.  It's always the actor who has the most experience.  For example: the one I watched today early on introduced a character that I recognized from a wonderful British sit-com from years ago called "Butterflies are Free."  Knew immediately that it would be her.  Had no idea why nor how nor even who she would "do in" but I knew who to watch.  (And I was correct.)  
Indy and I haven't been getting out for long walks because of the snow and ice so I took her w/ me down to pick up mail at the post office.  I had a yellow slip in my P.O. box indicating there was a box waiting for me so I stepped over to the window.  The postmistress was yelling to another person in the back.  "I'll kill them!  I'll absolutely kill them!"  She took my yellow slip and limped back w/ a box still muttering impending death threats.  "I tore ligaments in my ankle so I have to wear this stabilizing boot and they (son? daughter? in-law?) decide to take off for a week in Florida leaving me to take care of the cows and horses.  How am I suppose to hobble through the snow carrying water and feed?" she angrily explained to me.  I gave her the only advice I knew, "Put the bodies in the swamp. Best place to get rid of them."   No worries - don't remember ever seeing her on British TV.


kristie martinka Martinka said...

I LOVE your response

Anonymous said...

I never knew those rocks were from their honeymoon! ("What did you learn today, that you never knew before but want to remember for a long long time?")