Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The "M" over the front door

When Nancy and I had gone to the craft fair in the Big City earlier this month we had bought raffle tickets.  Each vendor had put up something to be raffled off and you could put a raffle ticket next to that item.  At the end of the fair, each vendor picked out a ticket next to their item and that person won the item.   Nancy called me and asked if I wanted to go back to the Big City since she had won a box of nuts and chocolates.  On the way over Nancy confessed she couldn't remember putting a ticket in for that item.  I finally recalled that each of us had bought 12 tickets and when we both were down to our last tickets we couldn't decide  - so we exchanged tickets and put it next to the item we thought the other person might like. I remember putting Nancy's last ticket on the nuts & chocolates.   First Nancy picked up her gift.  We found a parking spot less than a block away.  Then we went to that same hole-in-the-wall place for burgers. It was just opening so we got a table immediately.  Burgers were as good as we remembered but as we were leaving we saw the line waiting to get in was already out the door.    Off to the Swedish Institute which is based in a mansion built by a Scandinavian immigrant.  I and co-workers would walk here for lunch sometimes when I worked in the Big City.   At that time there was a small dining room set up right in the original building.  Things have changed a lot.  The mansion has largely been refurbished and there is a modern annex with a huge eating area, store, and conference rooms.  The place was beautiful - we'll go back.   Checked in on our friend Kristie who had been in the hospital recently.   Was very happy to see how good she looked and how well she was doing.  Would have been a perfect day but on the way home Nancy got a message from her husband.  He was sitting in the Emergency room, nothing too serious, don't call him, he'd call her as soon as he'd seen a doc, and don't forget to feed the dog when she got home.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the "M" photo. Still as perfect as it was in our childhood.