Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nursing Home chapel

My cousins were coming to see Aunt June so called me to see if we could get together for lunch. Always nice seeing them.  Gene was kinda missing some Norwegian delicacies.  "I don't see any klub on the menu." he joked.   He explained to me how to make it - kinda sounded like potato bars.  He then reminisced about eating grot (a/k/a rommegrot) when he was younger.  I tried to sound like I knew about Norske cuisine by mentioning I had a bottle of glogg at home.   Unfortunately it turns out glogg is Swedish - not Norwegian.  I had a series of errands to do after lunch - some I got done and some I'll have to go to Plan B.  Nothing bothered me though because my cousin Rick handed me a package he said was from his wife Dawn.  Her home-made peanut brittle!   (Eat your heart out Brent.)


Brent said...

Was risky for Dawn to send your peanut brittle with me when I would come over to your place for Christmas, ha. She gave me strong instructions not to eat you peanut brittle - didn't want to face the wrath of Dawn, or you.

Rick said...

I am really glad you were able to join us for lunch. It turned out to be a very enjoyable day. Once we got her something to eat, June seemed to be in a social mood.
The Wrath of Dawn sounds like the name of a movie. I'll have to watch out for that one :)