Friday, December 30, 2016

The river isn't frozen over yet

We have this clown in the family.  (Yes, I know every family feels they have a family member who's a clown but we have a real one.)  He's into meeting everyone in our extended family and sends out an on-line Christmas card to each and every one that has given him their e-mail address.   My sister Connie's birthday is a few days after Christmas and this year I realized that my birthday card was going to be belated.  Decided to try the clown's idea and signed up for a card service for the year.  I sent her a cute animated card of cats playing on a piano w/ stained glass inserts.  (She knows how to play piano.  I can do stained glass.  Everyone loves watching cats playing.   How could it miss?)  Today I sat down to write thank you's for gifts. It occurred to me I could send these notes on-line too. Therefore this year there is a good chance that sooner or later you'll get an animated e-mail greeting card from me.  I'm not sure of the etiquette of sending these versus actual cards but, for the moment, I'm like a chicken who just found a mouse and I'm going to peck at it 'til it dies.  (OK, that's probably not the best analogy.)

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Anonymous said...

I love my online birthday card. Animated and musical!