Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Got snow?

The Christmas gift theme this year is a-gift-from-the-movie-that-won-the-Best-Film-Oscar-in-the-year-you-were-born.  Since Nancy had some time off during this week, we decided to have a movie day and watch all four movies.  She ordered them through the library system and I bopped over to her place on Tuesday just after noon.  Her husband Don was out hunting so it was just us and her dog.  We decided to try and answer 6 questions for each movie - Did we like it? Favorite character; Favorite quote; Favorite costume; What could have been left out? and Bloopers.  Ben Hur was first.  We liked it but thought it could have used more judicious editing to get it down to a more manageable length.  Next was An American in Paris.  Pretty but not very deep.  After a good night's sleep we tackled All the King's Men in the morning.  Both of us thought it was eerie how many connections it had w/ our last presidential election. Ended off w/ Going My Way - a feel good movie.  I took off for home around noon.  Enjoyed our movie day but am sort of popcorned out now.

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Anonymous said...

It was a fun day! It was certainly a variety of movies. (Are you excited I'm reading your blog!) -Nancy