Monday, November 21, 2016


Milked at the dairy w/ Alejandrina this morning. Mauricio is back in town.  Mauricio worked the night shift when he was here before but now will be on morning shift w/ Alejandrina.  He expressed some concern to Eric about working w/ a girl.  Not sure what he's afraid of - chick cooties?  Domingo in the mean time ran into a snag on his way home to Mexico.  He had found someone to share the driving so they could drive straight through.  All his companion wanted was enough money for an airplane ticket back.  Unfortunately, he gave the money up-front.  The first time they stopped for gas, Domingo went in to pay and the other driver took off w/ the car.  Domingo gave his companion's name, address, phone and the car's description to the police but no word so far.

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