Friday, September 02, 2016

Wild sunflowers

The installer came bright and early yesterday morning to install my new built-in microwave. I cleared off the entire counter on either side figuring he would want some work area and was a little surprised that he used it all. I'm adding things back onto the counter as I need them. By the end of the weekend, if I haven't used it, it will need to be put away, given away, or thrown away. This morning I microwaved bacon (had been frying it) and warmed up left-over coffee from yesterday (I'm second-guessing getting the microwave now). However the late-night snack of popcorn I can have while watching Poirot on PBS tonight will be worth it.

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Anonymous said...

I saw my first microwave oven at the Minnesota state fair when I was a teenager. Happy that you have a "zapper" again.