Saturday, September 03, 2016

Early Morning looking over the swamps

Mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon. Steered around a couple of late season orange hawkweed flowers that popped up in the lawn. Stopped if bumblebees settled on a flower in front of the tractor. Cooler weather makes them a bit lethargic.  Of course swerved for Monarch butterflies migrating through and slowed to let the little grey frogs jump out of the way.  Very carefully mowed the new path across the dam since I'd seen a large snapping turtle there less than an hour before. The turtle must have been motivated to move since it was gone now. Couldn't totally avoid the blackberry canes leaning over the path emerging from them with little rivulets of blood down my arm. Even w/ the rains we've gotten all summer long, most low areas are dry enough that I could cut a circuitous path through a slough where I like to walk.  Stopped at one point to check out a new plant I hadn't seen before.  As the summer progresses it's taking me longer and longer to complete the mowing.

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