Thursday, September 01, 2016

Baltimore Checkerspot butterflies

Took off for our annual state fair trip on Monday. When we got to the Big City, Nancy had lined up a luncheon w/ a friend of her mother's so Kathy and I took the opportunity to go to an exotic place to eat (Nancy's tastes run to "meat and potatoes" fare). Indian Palace was great food but eating spicy food the day before going to the fair might not have been one of our wiser choices. Kris, who usually comes to the fair w/ us, couldn't make it. Nancy, who usually is working and can't make it, could. The new dynamic changed up a little where we went first and what we did. We picked up cream puffs as soon as we got off the shuttle bus and pretty much ate our way through the rest of the creative arts building, education building, art and technology buildings, pet building, sky ride one way, through the animal barns, coliseum, and the other sky ride. Finished up w/ watching flamenco dancers in heritage square before catching the shuttle back to our car late in the afternoon. As I've said before, it's a strange phenomena but we are all hungry after leaving the fair so stopped off for some sub sandwiches to eat at home. We had wonderful weather, a good time, and were able to catch up w/ Kris the next day before Nancy and I headed back. I figure my appetite should return around Halloween.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't been to the MN State Fair in a long time. Miss it.