Sunday, September 18, 2016

Path through the sugar maples

Took off early on Saturday for a long walk through the swamps. Leaf peeping is coming up next weekend and I haven't seen many trees turning yet. Still a lot of green but you can see those tinges of yellow and red showing up. Got home and worked on coordinating the historical society taking down their display at the library and the installation of the next display. Looks like we'll have a two week gap between when one display comes down and the new one goes in. More than I'd like but workable. If people are allowing the public to view their collection, I'm going to work around their schedules of when they have time to put them in and take them out. (Also, collectors tend to have more than one type of collection so I might want to hit them up later for another display.) Last night I opened up the window seat that contains the fall decorations for the house - towels, rugs, throws, knicknacks, etc. Even if the outside fall colors are a little slow this year, doesn't mean the inside of my house can't look autumnal.

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