Monday, September 19, 2016

Ferns in their autumnal bronze

Carol, the dairy owner, walked through the door of the parlor, said her usual "Good Morning" and then stopped and said, "It's so good to have you back w/ us." Gratifying but I don't know what brought it on. Could be that today the hoofer was on-site so we were going to be busy. She gave me a list of 44 cows that had feet requiring attention. After milking a side (8 cows), I'd go up the stairs and check each ear tag number against my list. I marked the heads of the cows on the list w/ a brightly colored oily crayon. Before the cows could get back into the barn, Mike or the herdsman shuttled marked cows into a holding area for the hoofer. Alejandrina and I got into a system so we didn't miss any cows on the list. Mondays are also scrub day.   After finishing w/ the milking, Alejandrina and I each grabbed a brush and pail and started cleaning the parlor. Marking cows took more out of me than I thought and I was feeling light headed by the time we had finished the first side. Fainting wasn't a good option. Fortunately, Mike had a few minutes open and decided to use them helping us scrub. After the parlor was bright & white again, I gave Alejandrina a lift home. She brought along an extra banana and blueberry mini muffin for me. I swear food never tasted so good! Maybe that's how Carol felt this morning.

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