Friday, September 16, 2016

White Canadian thistle

When Jose recently left the dairy (this is not the same Jose that I worked w/ years ago nor the Jose that beat up one of the other milkers), Domingo was moved from the morning milking to the night shift. Jose's replacement can then be taught by Domingo on how to milk and clean barns. I'm working Domingo's morning spot until he can come back to his usual time slot. Alejandrina, who also milks mornings, though was catching a ride to and from work w/ Domingo. So Mike picks her up and yesterday I was asked to give her a lift home.  She didn't appear to have a ride home today so I figured I was probably 'it' again. Not a problem. I'm more than happy to do it. Alejandrina will start up conversations w/ me but she doesn't understand English and my attempts at Spanglish often result in more confusion. We were driving to her house today when she started talking.   I picked up on the word 'comer'. That means 'to eat' doesn't it?   Maybe she was asking me what I planned to have for lunch? So I replied "hamburguesa con queso". She started laughing, talking even more quickly (none of which I understood), and finally pantomimed sleeping. What did that mean? Suddenly I got it! I pulled in the next driveway, turned around, and drove back down the road. I'd driven past her house and she was trying to tell me that I must be falling asleep. Clearly my navigation skills are on a par w/ my language skills!

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