Sunday, August 28, 2016


I thought I had a handle on this retirement gig but I don't. When I worked I kept track of my cell phone. Oh sure, I'd lose it once in awhile but I'd realize I didn't have it within a few hours and go searching for it. Now that I don't work guess I've become too lax about carrying it.  (Even though I don't have a land-line in the house so it's my only way to communicate quickly.  Who would have thought that e-mail would become the new snail mail?) Anyway, I left it somewhere early in the week and didn't even think of looking for it until last night when I figured it probably needed to be juiced up. After a few minutes of looking around I located it and was surprised to see I had messages. My sister-in-law Donna had needed emergency surgery and Russell had called to see if I would look in on their dog. I checked when the message had been sent. Three days ago!!! Called Russell immediately and he reassured me that Donna was fine and back home already. So I made a New Year's resolution ( I never made one last January) to better be connected.

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Anonymous said...

Another good reason to be on Facebook....and also to play Words with Friends with me. lol!