Thursday, July 14, 2016


Phil, Brent, and I went to Rice Lake today for supplies.  That meant I couldn't make the training session at the library early this afternoon. I let the librarian know last night when I went in to volunteer and she quickly went through what the training would entail.  First, the printouts we put in books on the holdshelf would no longer have the person's name but their "code".  The code is pretty easy to figure out so no biggie.  The reason for the change was privacy.  People checking out books couldn't look over our shoulder at the holdshelf and see what books someone else had ordered.  Personally, it seems a bit over reacting.  (The old ladies were pretty gleeful in letting people know they were checking out Fifty Shades of Grey.)   Next subject was damaged books.  If someone returns a damaged book, we need to write a note about it and set it aside for the librarian's action.  The librarian told the story of another library that had just bought a book and the first place it was sent to was a person requesting it from our library.  The person spilled water on pages 44 - 52 and the lending library wanted our library to pay for the book.   The librarian looked up the person who had spilled on the book and realized their library card had been issued from the original lending library so replied they should pay for their own book.  It all seemed convoluted in my estimation but I didn't push it.  I will play the game by the new rules.

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