Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Entertainment Center transformation

I bought this entertainment center from Buck's Unpainted Furniture when I moved to the Big City back in the 80's.  It's moved along w/ me from place to place since then.  To give you a better feel of how old it is, the bottom has a place made to store LP records.  However, when my brother gave me his old TV there was no way it would fit in the TV set opening.  I finally had to admit that this piece of furniture was no longer usable for it's original purpose.

I wanted to save the entertainment center since it had been well made and was still in good shape.  Decided if the center shelves and TV section was removed and the top dropped down to just above the VCR drawer, I could set the TV on the top and still have the bottom 1/2 of the unit intact. Of course what seems simple to a non-woodworker is actually much more complicated.  Brent and Phil took the challenge on yesterday in the garage.  They decided two well made cuts, and two matching strips of wood over the new joints would do it.  L-brackets keep the top snugly in place.  They even installed a pull out drawer (taken from the top section)  so old people like me don't have to get on our knees to use the shelf.

The final result is a functional piece of furniture again.  I love the dimensions and clean look.  Even when I get a TV so large that it hangs on the wall, my old entertainment center can now be repurposed as a buffet, sideboard, or place to set objets d'art.  



Rick said...

Looks really good.
They did a fine job.

Anonymous said...

That looks great!