Friday, July 15, 2016

Water Hemlock

Visited the glass supplier today.  I've got a project coming up w/ the colors of turquoise, coral, black, and clear glass.  I haven't worked w/ a truly black glass yet but the proprietor had an example for me that looked black and not grey when the light shone through it.  Found a flat turquoise color and a streaky coral.  Since the turquoise and coral are working as accent colors they will blend well together.  The clear will be a water glass (gentle ripples).  The turquoise, clear, and black glass are made by Spectrum (which is a company going out of business).  The glass supplier said she would be making her last order for that type of glass next week and would add what I need to her request.  I'm hoping she gets it and that I don't have any problems w/ cutting.  Think I'll spend some time practicing on a personal project for me.

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