Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ebony Jewelwing damselfly

This damselfly preys on mosquitoes. It eats quite a few other bugs but that's enough to make it a favorite in my book. Actually it's quite cute w/ it's metallic blue body, black wings, and attitude. My state has initiated an Odonata site where citizens can send in sightings of dragonflies and damselflies. Gives the state feedback on where and when these insects are flying and gives people like me verification of the species we are seeing. Wish the state would centralize all of this kind of citizen input to one website instead of setting up separate sites. Of course, each of the existing butterfly, flower, etc. sites are currently quite easy to use. Let a government agency get involved and while it would be quick to find the website, it would be impossible to negotiate through all of the pages and pages required to enter a sighting.

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