Friday, June 03, 2016

Moose (kind of)

A neighbor has installed this life-size sculpture out where my property abuts his. Apropos setting but not where anyone will see it except for someone walking to the swamps.  Interesting choice of location to place artwork but I do like it.

As I said the first time I mowed this year,  I bypassed a patch of pussytoes that was blooming. By the next week they had finished blooming and the wild strawberries were flowering. They are creepers so I could just mow over their tops w/o bothering them. The next week I was bypassing bunches of blue-eyed grass.  This week the orange hawkweed is budding. Couldn't bring myself to cut them off when they were not even open yet so once again there are patches here and there in the lawn that are a little scruffy. I'll mow it all even next week ... however, by then the ox-eyed daisies are looking good to be in bloom.

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