Saturday, June 04, 2016


Indy and I did our usual Friday birdhouse check. The first house is made from wood so to check it I pull down the door and look in. A bluebird parent was in there and gave me the evil eye. I quickly shut the door. Next house is also a wood one, the tree swallow mother was on that nest and also gave me a dirty look. I shut the door. The next houses were made from PVC pipe so I unhook them to look down inside the tube. Today, if there was a nest, there was a bird sitting on it. Not a one of them budged - even w/ a huge ogre looking down on them. One bluebird nest did not have a bird sitting on the eggs and I'm getting concerned that those eggs might be abandoned. Went over to check the houses at my neighbor's. Both houses were stuffed full of twigs. Probably wrens. My rule is to toss any nest that isn't a bluebird or tree swallow. However my neighbor kinda likes wrens. I left one wren nest and cleaned out the other. Best to keep on the good side of your neighbors - especially when they make a good cup of coffee.


Anonymous said...

I went to a class on bluebird nests before we started all the nests. The guy said wrens will stuff the nest to keep the blue birds away and actually have killed bluebirds by doing this when they are on the nest. He said the wrens do not nest in them. So I say dump all those you find filled with twigs. He also said if wrens do this nest is to close to woods.


Anonymous said...

I concur with Phil. Carolyn