Thursday, June 02, 2016


Indy let me know we had a visitor but I wasn't prepared for the face I saw at the front door. A porcupine had his paw up on the glass. He waddled his way around to the deck. Indy wisely remained in the house while I went out to take some pictures. The porcupine took cover under a deck chair. (Must remind guests to check before they sit down.) This second largest rodent (yes, same family as rats) wasn't impressed w/ my recycled-plastic furniture. He left his hiding place, walked the length of the deck, and promptly fell off the other side. (I could hear his claws as he tried to stop himself from going over the edge.) Porcupine are very near-sighted! The short fall didn't hurt him and he slowly made his way off into the tall grass. Like most visitors - glad to see him, glad to see him go.


Anonymous said...

Good thing Indy did not get close enough for a quill bomb!


Kathy said...

Cool. Love the walking away picture. (Makes me laugh)