Thursday, May 19, 2016


Beauty pageant season will soon be upon us again so I'll do my yearly rant now. I'm not talking about flower, dog, or even baby contests - I'm talking about women's beauty pageants. These contests do prove that a lady can walk w/ dress shoes in a long evening gown but what woman would pair a swimsuit w/ stiletto heels? The idea that these pageants do good by giving scholarships to women is archaic. Times have changed.  Gender is no longer an issue in earning access to higher education. Plus the expenditure for entrance fees, makeup, hair stylists, wardrobe, travel, hotel accommodations, coaches, and professional head shots can often exceed the amount of money a contestant could hope to receive. The idea that participants must come across as 'sexy but virtuous' is ludicrous as shown by the number of "scandals" that have deposed winners in the past. Now that our country has progressed enough to have a viable female candidate for president can we also drop the idiocy of beauty pageants. Unless of course we switch them over to male beauty pageants - men in tuxs, greased up in skimpy little speedos, men doing interpretive dance!  Guess that would never work - there aren't many men that could answer the interview questions intelligently.

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