Friday, May 20, 2016

Clay-colored sparrow

 Indy and I did half the bird house check early this morning. Two of the houses are near the gravel pit and the pit is active this week so I wanted to check them before work began. That meant walking through a lot of heavy dew. Once we got home I stripped off my wet clothes, did a tick check, and put on fresh togs. Indy, Ori, and I marched out on the deck. Still cool (temp in the 50's) but the deck chairs warm up quickly in sunlight. Lilacs are blooming so it's pretty fragrant out there right now. I did a crossword puzzle, watched a robin industrially build a nest in one of those lilac bushes, checked out the rest of the birds coming and going from the feeders. I enjoyed milking cows but gotta admit that sitting on the deck in the sun has it's charms too.

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