Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

The Coffee and Conversation group got in all three subjects today. Mr. Trump and his most recent antics were discussed to much laughter. We spent a long time remembering past televangelists - even sent someone to look up the name of one of them because it was bugging us that we couldn't remember it (Jimmy Swaggart). Someone mentioned that a teacher at the local school was dismissed (he actually quit just before) because a girl sent him a picture of a student in a revealing costume and he made the mistake of replying to the student instead of reporting it. So politics-religion-sex topics all covered. On the way home, I listened to an entomologist on public radio. He was telling a caller that taking a soapy bath after picking ticks off might help remove those she missed. That won't help, I thought, I've seen the little buggers hail and hardy after going through the wash. On the same subject,  I forgot and left my capped bottle of frozen ticks out last night. (I put them in the freezer to kill them.) So, for all of you that questioned if these ticks might just be hibernating, I wanted to let you know they were all still just as dead this morning.

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Anonymous said...

The only good a dead tick.

Kind of my feeling about pine trees as well.