Friday, May 27, 2016

First bear of the year

On the walk, Indy and I ambled along. I zigzagged over fields pulling yellow rocket. I broke branches on buckthorn trees trying to get started at the edge of the woods (it's an experiment I'm running that has had some success). I didn't pay much attention to what Indy was up to. She usually keeps me in sight but runs around doing her own thing. When we got back home I could smell something on her - not skunk, not bear poop. Pretty sure she'd been rolling in something long dead. Bath time. Afterward she smelled of cherry bath oil w/ undertones of swamp. While she might be a little work at times, Indy is well worth it. Her barking this morning frightened a bear in my meadow. It took off but stopped to look back at me so I could get a pic before it disappeared into the woods. Trust me, I'm perfectly OK not getting a closeup.

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Anonymous said...

When we visited your place last summer, I thought how nice it was to sleep with the windows open and just the screen door latched in the bedroom. Cool, nice breeze.
Until my next thought - 'there is nothing between me and a black bear but this screen sliding door.' Then I got up and shut the actual patio door so there would be a little bit more between me and any curious critters.