Saturday, May 28, 2016

Setting out flowers

I'd potted flowers a few weeks ago in prep for Memorial Day.  I do well w/ geraniums so stayed w/ those this year too.  Dark red along w/ white alyssum for my brother.  White w/ pink centers for my niece.  Pink and pink w/ hot pink accents and blue alyssum for my parents.  Figured my grandparents wouldn't mind if I went a little wild w/ their's so paired lilac and orange geraniums w/ wine oxalis.  Drove to the cemetery early this morning and set each pot out.  Afterward I took a short walk through the cemetery.  The fake flower arrangements abound w/ even a wreath left over from Christmas(es) past.  Might be my imagination but were there a few more real flowers this year?  Some planted in the ground, some potted, some freshly cut.  Probably just my wishful thinking but I certainly noticed them - like jewel notes among the garish plastic cacophony.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty arrangement. Thank you for taking care of these loved ones.
I think you are right about more natural flower arrangements. I have spent some 30 hours at our local cemetery, in the last two weeks. There has been a steady stream of folks coming to decorate the graves and it seemed like they all had real flowers.
The gravesite of our former neighbors is close to the border fence I take care of. There is a little plastic dinosaur and 8 pennies sitting on the stone. Their son told me these little rembrances had been there for 5 years now.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to you for taking care of our family's grave-sites.
Thank you so much.