Monday, May 09, 2016

Bird Houses

There is a commercial that I find unsettling. A man walks out to a cow in the field, tells the cow how good the yogurt made from it's milk is, and then he runs away. Is it the idea of a man talking to a cow that bothers me? Nah, I do that all the time. It's the cow in the ad that I find odd. First, she's by herself in a pasture. What self-respecting herd animal is OK w/ that? Then, never once does she start chewing her cud. She's relaxed enough to let some stranger walk up to her - you'd think she'd be OK regurgitating breakfast in front of him. When the guy runs off, she just stands there. Why didn't she take off after him? She's alone - he might leave a gate open - cows love taking a short jaunt once in awhile. Guess I should be content that the ad company at least used a Holstein instead of a Hereford.

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