Sunday, May 08, 2016

Apple blossoms

Yesterday I bought a couple of little bright red metal umbrellas. They are used as connectors between a hummingbird feeder and the pole you mount it on. The umbrellas hook upside down and fill w/ water to form a barrier against ants. The hangers looked pretty cute. Remembering the "old wife's tale" that hummingbirds return to the Northwoods on Mother's Day, I found my feeders, made up a batch of sugar water, and this morning attached the feeders to shepherd's hooks via the little upside down umbrellas. The whole setup went fast and looked pretty cute. I didn't really think I'd see a hummingbird though. Mother's Day occurs on a slightly different day each year. There are variables like weather, wind direction, and food supply along their migration path.  It isn't logical that those tiny birds would always return here exactly on Mother's Day.  By putting out my feeders today I just figured I would be prepared when they did come back. You can guess the end of the story - this afternoon there was a hummer drinking from one of my feeders. Looked pretty cute.

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