Wednesday, February 24, 2016

White Pine

McD's couldn't make a latte or a mocha this morning so I ordered two coffees w/ extra cream. It didn't help that Aunt June was feeling kinda contrary anyway. She sipped a bit of her coffee (not her usual mocha) and said she didn't want any. She wasn't all that wild about the donut I got her either. Went to my usual place to get my oil changed and, the same guy that drained my transmission fluid instead of my oil last year, did it again. Waited around while he ordered more transmission fluid to be brought over. I received notice that a book I had on order was waiting for me at the library. I've read all 18 books in this series waiting for the heroine to finally decide to marry Mike or Norman - both of whom have helped her in resolving the shocking number of murders occurring in the hamlet where they all live. In the last book, at the very end, she finally said yes but to new character Ross. I figured in this book Ross would either kill someone/be killed and we would be back to Mike or Norman. When I went on duty at the library tonight, I turned to the last page and there she was marrying interloper Ross. Sent the book out to the next person waiting for it. I don't appreciate being jerked around - even by fictional characters. On the way home, looks like my car is overheating. Oh well ....

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