Monday, June 05, 2017

Yellow-headed blackbird

Pictures from my neighbor Doug Dearhamer.  I have seen this species when I took a birding class in the Big City but never here.  I'll be watching for them.

Attended my first meeting of the Friends of the Library group.  I went mostly because I was thinking of what to put on the blog and, while it had been an eventful day for me, it sounded like the same old thing when I considered writing it up.  The Friends are not the library board but a separate group that puts together events, runs the book sales, and then spends collected monies on library or community activities.  Maybe 18 people there tonight.  The secretary read the minutes.  The Friends had given $50 apiece to each boyscout toward their expenses in taking a recent trip.  There was also a request for new playground equipment for the village park.  The old equipment was no longer within code.  The group decided there were no big expenditures planned for this year so they would give toward the equipment.  I'm not a member so kept quiet but talked to the treasurer afterward.  "Do the Friends know that our town is backing out of their agreement to help fund the library?" I asked.  She brightened up and said Arian, one of my town's supervisors, had let them know recently that the town would continue w/ their commitment.  Guess I'll have to join the Friends.  I need to get plugged into the local gossip.

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