Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Wood Ducks

Not much that had to get done today.  Indy accompanied me to the polls.  She stayed in the car checking out the two pooches in the next car while I voted. This was for non-partisan elections - offices not attached to any political party and, around here, part-time positions.  Except for one race, all were uncontested.  Then down to the library to find out what happened at the Friends of the Library meeting last night.  The Friends like things changed around every couple of months in the display case and, when my planned next display fell through because the owner was worried about showing his collection, the Friends said they would put together a display.  Found out the Friends meeting had been postponed for another week but I'd already told the owner of the current display that he could take his collection out.  So I talked w/ the librarian and I'm going w/ my Plan B.  When I get it installed will post a picture.

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