Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Stopped by the post office to pick up my mail before going to the library.  There was a note that a package was waiting for me so I went to the front desk.  The Post Mistress got the package and commented that it looked like it had a tough commute.  The brown package was dented, crumpled, stained and had been hastily wrapped in another outer clear plastic w/ bands around it.  Since I wasn't expecting anything I had no idea what it might be and decided to open it in the car.  Bad idea.  Inside the package was glass and a lot of sticky stuff.  My Glogg!  I had ordered two bottles of glogg back in December and knew that I would have to wait for it until the small company made another batch.  The original package was not marked "FRAGILE" or "HANDLE W/ CARE" so I assume the post office was tossing it around from place to place on it's journey.  One bottle made it through unscathed but the other bottle was smashed.  A broken bottle isn't a big problem  - I put in for a replacement from the company.  Cleaning up the mess caused by it's leaking contents will take awhile though.

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