Monday, April 03, 2017


When you've had pets for a long time you begin to appreciate how much they watch every movement you make.  So I have been watching my pets to see if I can understand them. Orion will sit on the edge of the tub and meow in the morning until I get up and turn on a trickle of water for her to drink.  That's obvious.  She's more subtle by following me whenever I go into the laundry room on a weekend.  (How she knows it's the weekend I don't know.)  She is hoping I'll go through the laundry into the utility room to give her a weekly can of cat food.  Indy tends to fix her gaze on me until I notice and then look at what she wants - either to go out to the garage and her run or for a walk.  I've tried doing the same thing when we are outside and come to a crossroads. Either I'm doing it wrong or she doesn't like the direction I pick because she'll continue on down the other path.  When I saw this robin sitting on my car on this rainy cold day I wondered if she was trying to say, "Take me back south."

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New wheels?